Working in Egypt

It's around dawn here. I just got back to Egypt two days ago after spending time in Germany, Turkey, Canada, and San Francisco.

It's strange how things change. When I left Egypt in late August my plan was to visit friends in Germany for a few days, attend a wedding in Turkey, and then head over to the US to start working with Fomoro, an AI consulting company that I interviewed with a few months ago.

The plan didn't go as expected. While I was in Turkey, Fomoro ended up rescinding their offer, and instead I ended up spending ~5 weeks in Canada with my parents, Esra, and my nephews. I started consulting with Elkrem, a startup that my friends Amr Saleh and Islam Elnaggar had started, and we were all together in San Francisco the past two weeks as part of the Tachyon accelerator.

And now here I am, back in Egypt, and for the first time today, I wake up early in the morning in Egypt and head to the office to work. It feels strange, but in a great way.

I am consulting with Elkrem for another few weeks, then I'll be joining Swvl. I'll talk more about Swvl later in another post.

I absolutely love working with the Elkrem guys. We were a squad of four in San Francisco: Amr Saleh, Islam Elnaggar, Nader Abdelrazek, and myself. The chemistry, the focus, the learning, the productivity, the fun, the challenge has been incredible. It's as if I hadn't felt what it's like to have a great job in years.

While we were at Tachyon, I worked with Islam to build a technical roadmap for Elkrem, and worked with Amr to refine the product pitch. My goals for the next few weeks, as I work on the tech stack of Elkrem, is to explore ways to make the Elkrem team much more productive than they are today. I am super excited about what lies ahead with these folks.

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