Project Medium Fish – Updated!

My progress on Medium Fish has to some extent stalled over the past 8 days or so. I didn't stop working out, but it was "chaos" workouts where I was choosing a random workout to do as opposed to working towards an end goal in a structured manner.

The reason I initially stalled is because the workout routine that I was following, "The System" by Bar Brothers, was progressing a lot faster than myself. I thought of just repeating the exercises of whatever week I was on until I am capable and move on, but it's a bit more complicated than that because a single week doesn't cover all the different types of workouts in their program, and I have been feeling that the quality of my workouts have been degrading gradually as I strived to hit the rep quota they suggest.

Another big reason for me as well to reconsider the program is that I felt that the end goal was a bit too complicated. If you look at my original goals you'll see about 12 goals that are a bit scattered.

A few days ago I decided to regroup and correct course on this project so that 1) the goals are much simpler and more focused and 2) workouts focus more on quality than quantity.

After hours of reading and extensive research I found this great reference: Overcoming Gravity by Steven Low*. After reading many parts of it, along with my old copy of Convict Conditioning, I decided on the following three goals for Medium Fish:

  1. Free handstand for 30 seconds. It would be OK if I initially needed a wall to get into position.
  2. 20 second L-sit
  3. 3 sets of 5 L-pullups in perfect form.

Deadline: April 15th (unchanged)

Based on the goals above I constructed the following workout that I'll be doing three times a week:

  • Warmup
  • Skill work (handstand + L-sit)
  • 3x5 sets working towards L-pullups
  • 3x5-10 sets working towards 1-hand pushup
  • 3x5-10 sets working towards 1-legged squat

Note that the sets towards 1-hand pushups and 1-legged squats aren't actually necessary for the goals I'm setting for myself for this project, but I wanted the workout to be full body and working towards them now will set the foundation for future fitness projects.

* Because there is no digital copy of the book and I can't get the book shipped to me, I had to pirate the book. I am so sorry, Steve! I promise I'll buy the digital copy as soon as it comes out!

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